Industrial & Marine Technology (IMT), Dhaka, Bangladesh, is manufacturing high quality and best LED lights with it’s partner manufacturers in China, having manufacturing factories at Guangzhou and Shenzhen. We are marketing LED lights in Bangladesh under registered trademark IMT LED™. Our vision is to serve Bangladeshi People with cost effective best quality LED lights with 03 (three) years or 05 (five) years or 07 (seven) years Replacement Warranty, for green & safer world and to contribute for future generations.

IMT manufacture all type of LED Lights with Best Price Offers. Which are:- LED Bulbs, LED U Shape Corn Lights, LED Tube Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Solar Street Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED High Bay Lights, LED Tunnel Lights, LED Spot Lights, LED Garden Lights, LED Wall Pack Lights, LED Wallwasher Lights, LED Projection Light, LED display, LED Canopy Light, LED Parking Light & other types of LED Lights. For use as LED Indoor Lights, LED Outdoor Lights, LED Residential Lights, LED Office Lights, LED Commercial Lights, LED Industrial Lights & etc. to cover need of all types of Clients of different sectors.